What’s your favorite horror comic/book/film?

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What's your favorite horror comic/book/film?

Talking about what makes scary stories so scary on today's +Comics Are Great! live stream. Join us in the chat to share your favorite scary stories!

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Jerzy Drozd originally shared this post:

How do you make a horror story in a static medium like comics? What are the tricks to building dread and suspense? And how does visual style contribute to creating images that are unsettling or frightening?

Join us for an on-air hangout discussion with cartoonists @114135685411000205021 ( and @115150834179663036977 (, who will help us uncover some of the dark secrets of haunting your readers with your story.

The show will stream live here and at You can participate via chat via the "ask a question" prompt as the video streams live. What's your favorite horror story, and why? Share your thoughts during the show!

Hope to see you there.

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