Drawing for Myself – Whiplash

March 2, 2011 by  
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Time for a villain in my series of Masters of the Universe re-imaginings! Took a few more liberties with today’s design:

WHIPLASH Pencil, brush pen, and Photoshop on 5.5×8.25″ bristol.

A sort of rule of thumb I’m going with on these designs is to make the bad guys look a little more monstrous than the heroes (but try to keep them cute, too). Every villain team needs a dope, and for this MotU re-imagining I chose Whiplash for the role. But instead of the predictable “duuuhhh…hey, guys” dope, I think I’d play him a little differently. Maybe like a weird and nearly-creepy maintenance guy who isn’t quite all there. The guy who stands in line in front of you at Wal-Mart, turns around, and says emphatically “them computers are takin’ people’s jobs!” That guy. I think it’d be funny, at any rate.

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