With the latest update, LayerPaint positions itself to be THE comics drawing app…

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With the latest update, LayerPaint positions itself to be THE comics drawing app for Android tablets

I've been sketching in LayerPaint for some time now ( Drawing feels more natural than in Photoshop Touch, and you can still export to PSD file for editing on your desktop.

With the latest update the developer included some really compelling features; namely, radial burst guides, parallel line guides, and grid guides. Think of these as similar to the perspective tools in MangaStudio. Another inclusion that I really smiled about was being able to turn off anti-aliasing with the paint brush.

If you're a cartoonist with an Android tablet (especially one with a pressure-sensitive stylus like the Note), this is a must-have app for your drawing arsenal. And it's only $2.99. That's bonkers.

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9 Responses to “With the latest update, LayerPaint positions itself to be THE comics drawing app…”
  1. Eric Hubbel says:

    On your recommendation before I bought this and now recommend it to everyone who asks about drawing software for tablets. Over Photoshop touch and Sketchbook Pro.

  2. Great update. Now they need to isolate mirroring to one layer.

  3. Yi Weng says:

    On the tool bar for brushes, what does the right-most option do? (there are 5 squiggly lines)

  4. Checked the manual on their site and it doesn't include the professional add ons… pressure sensitivity maybe? Any idea what the little sun burst does with the selection tool? Couldn't figure that function out either.

  5. Yi Weng says:

    Maybe "deselect"?

  6. Jerzy Drozd says:

    +Yi Weng did you mean the brush picker?

    Or are you looking at something else?

    As for the pro tools, I did a screen cap showing how they work:

    The dot tool allows you to adjust the guides, just like the perspective tool in Manga Studio. So it serves as the center point of the radial guide. When using it with the parallel guide, it represents itself as a line on the screen.

    If this is still confusing, I can shoot a video demonstrating these tools.

  7. Yi Weng says:

    Ok, I was referring to the Magnetic Lines tool. I don't have your kind of tablet, so maybe it won't show any effect for me.
    btw, Sketchbook Pro temporarily (?) lowered their price to $2.99 as well. I wonder if they caught on to this news. 😛

    • michaelsammler says:

      I have a galaxy note, and I am not sure what the magnetic lines are for either. At least I know what they are called now, but is there more clarification somewhere? I checked the instruction manual as well and it is not updated with the new tools yet.
      The update is a fantastic thing. Especially with the new bamboo pen since it has more pressure sensitivity then the original note s-pen.

  8. Jerzy Drozd says:

    Possibly! Rob and I actually get into a friendly debate on LayerPaint vs Sketchbook Pro on an upcoming Extra Lean.